Hi Beauties! I’m Sonja Y Larsen, creator of The Beauty Books. It is my mission to help others understand oils. Some oils beautify you, and some oils hurt you. I started my exploration of oils in 2008 when I began oil pulling. I was a wreck. I had a hard time breathing, was overweight, and my skin looked dull. Once I started using oils, everything changed. I moved easier because my joints didn’t ache. My skin glowed from the inside out. I could get a long, deep breath whenever I wanted because my chest and lungs weren’t filled with mucous. I continued exploring oils for years. In 2013 I stumbled upon something huge. I had reduced my belly fat in mere days, using oil packs. I resolved that I MUST tell everyone about what I’m doing. It’s simply too crazy not to share.

I’m so glad you stopped by. The books are my pride and joy, but this website is a way for me to connect with you. Please email me with any questions, or just to say hey, at sonjalarsen@outlook.com.